Mapping Pathways is a multi-national project to develop and nurture a research-driven, community-led global understanding of the emerging evidence base around the adoption of antiretroviral-based prevention strategies to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The evidence base is more than results from clinical trials - it must include stakeholder and community perspectives as well.

11 June 2012

Mapping Pathways @ TasP and PrEP summit in London

Original content from the Mapping Pathways blog team

While last year was all about data collection for the Mapping Pathways project, this year our core mission is to disseminate findings and liaise with the global HIV-treatment and prevention community at large around the use of ARVs for prevention.

Mapping Pathways members will have the chance to do just that in London this week.  The International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care (IAPAC), in partnership with the British HIV Association (BHIVA), is currently hosting an evidence summit (June 11 and 12) titled Controlling the HIV Pandemic with Antiretrovirals: Treatment as Prevention and Pre-exposure Prophylaxis."

Jim Pickett from the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, will be representing Mapping Pathways and presenting some PrEP-specific findings at the summit. Ben Brown, another member of the Mapping Pathways team from the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation, is also on a panel, and RAND team members Molly Morgan Jones and Joanna Chataway will be attending.

“The summit brings together a whole mix of people – from community advocacy organizations, drug companies, insurance companies, researchers, policymakers and advocates from 50 countries – both global north and global south. All actors that have a stake in HIV-prevention and treatment will be there. There will be a goldmine of information and a good opportunity to talk about the Mapping Pathways project and what we’re trying to accomplish,” says Pickett.

The summit will serve as a forum for the presentation of data and discussion about the implementation of Treatment as Prevention (TasP – which Mapping Pathways refers to as TLC+) and PrEP in different settings.

An important deliverable of the summit is a consensus statement outlining some key TasP and PrEP implementation recommendations which would then be disseminated at the International AIDS Conference in Washington, DC this summer and to IAPAC’s clinician network in over 100 countries as well as with their other medical and nursing tie-ups worldwide.

We will share Jim’s slides on the blog, and provide a link to all the presentations made at the summit as well in the coming days.

Stay tuned to the Mapping Pathways blog for news and updates from the IAPAC summit and the upcoming AIDS 2012 conference in July in Washington D.C.

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