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18 June 2012

Hospital Fails to Make ARV Order for the Month of June

via, by Jennifer Dube

SCORES of people receiving anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs from Harare Central Hospital were early last week told to buy their own drugs as the hospital allegedly "forgot" to order the life-prolonging drugs.

A beneficiary of the government-free ARV programme showed The Standard his health card where "out of stock" had been written against the second line drug alluvia which is used together with tenolam.

"They said they do not have the drugs," the beneficiary said. "I was advised to buy the drugs but I currently do not have the money to do so. This will affect me as I may take long to get the money for the drugs."

Vice-president of Zimbabwe HIV and Aids Activists Union, Stanley Takaona said his organisation had been told the hospital did not make an order for the month of June.

"We have made a follow-up with the hospital together with the ministry and we were told the drugs are there at the national pharmacy but the hospital did not make an order for this month," Takaona said.

"Those are the most expensive ARV drugs, costing US$120 for a month's supply and most people who are on the government programme cannot afford them."

Takaona said such alleged negligence on the part of the hospital was disturbing as those on ARVs were supposed to take the tablets consistently, without skipping any days, for effectiveness.

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