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08 May 2012

PEPFAR Program Outlines End of Year Progress to the Congress

via Science Speaks, by Meredith Mazzotta

PEPFAR releases 8th annual report to Congress: The U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) program delivered its 8th annual report to Congress recently. The five-page document outlines the program’s progress as of the end of fiscal year 2011 in various areas including:  supporting 3.9 million people on antiretroviral treatment; testing 9.8 million pregnant women for HIV in the course of the year; providing prevention of mother-to-child transmission services to more than 660,000 HIV-infected pregnant women allowing 200,000 babies to be born HIV-free; and providing care and support for nearly 13 million people, including more than 4.1 million orphans and vulnerable children. The report also stressed the importance of “leading with science” as we respond to the pandemic, smart investments including spurring private-sector engagement, country ownership, and shared responsibility.

TB institute confirms 8 patients resistant to all known TB drugs:  According to this article in the Hindustan Times, eight of the 12 patients originally reported as having what was coined “totally” or “extremely” drug resistant TB (neither term is recognized by the World Health Organization) have received confirmatory sputum sample testing that show resistance to all first- and second-line TB drugs. Since the original diagnoses of the dozen patients, three have died and, according to a city TB officer, of the six patients that remain in Mumbai, five are undergoing treatment for extensively drug-resistant TB, and one is being treated at Hinduja hospital.

Nonprofit TB Vaccine Developers Sign MOU to Accelerate Progress: Aeras announced it will be joining with the Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative (TBVI) to “enhance and strengthen collaborative efforts to advance the world’s most promising TB vaccine candidates.” The memorandum of understanding between the two organizations will work to address opportunities and challenges in TB vaccine development that were outlined in the strategic blueprint released by advocates in late March, and published in the journal Tuberculosis, just before World TB Day. According to the Aeras press release, the two organizations will advise each other on vaccines in development, work to streamline the process of candidate selection and review, as they work together to achieve the goals outlined in the blueprint.

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