Mapping Pathways is a multi-national project to develop and nurture a research-driven, community-led global understanding of the emerging evidence base around the adoption of antiretroviral-based prevention strategies to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The evidence base is more than results from clinical trials - it must include stakeholder and community perspectives as well.

11 July 2013

NEW Podcast on the Promise of PEP, and the Unfortunate Lack of PEP Implementation

Jim and Jessica (pictured above) from the Mapping Pathways team are back with a new podcast - and this time the topic is PEP - post-exposure prophylaxis for HIV prevention.

This 12-minute podcast (click to listen) was produced by AIDS Foundation of Chicago (a Mapping Pathways partner) and is the third in a series of discussions inspired by the new report "Developing Evidence-Based, People-Centred Strategies for the Use of Antiretrovirals as Prevention."

In this new podcast,  Jessica Terlikowski and Jim Pickett discuss the promise of PEP, and the unfortunate lack of strong implementation that characterizes this intervention in nearly every part of the world.

Other podcasts

Click here for a previous podcast in which Jessica and Jim  introduce the Mapping Pathways report (published by Mapping Pathways partner RAND) and explain its relevance for multiple audiences. Click here for their second podcast where they chat about PrEP - pre-exposure prophylaxis.

Please stay tuned for future podcasts on topics like microbicides, the use of treatment for prevention, and more. Feel free to leave comments or questions here, on the podcast itself, of by sending an email to

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